Treloar Product Development

About Treloar

Treloar Product Development was started by Dr. Margaret Treloar in 1984 to provide reliable and practical help to people in the food industry. Combining her scientific background (Ph.D. Biochemist) and practical experience (Product Development, consumer products; Quality Management and Technical Direction, food products), Marg was in a unique position to support clients facing a range of technical challenges. 


Since 1984, Treloar Product Development has enabled more than 150 food companies across North America to meet their goals for new product innovation. Over the past 32 years, we have helped many of the world's largest food companies. Our clients have ranged from entrepreneurs to multinational corporations. 


We solve product development challenges using a unique blend of knowledge, experience and statistical methods.


Treloar leads the industry with innovative, effective methods for superior product development.


Margaret Treloar, Ph.D., Founder
Treloar Product Development