Treloar Product Development

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When do companies hire Treloar?
A: The most common situations in which we are involved are:

  • Adding extra capacity for product development, when your project list is long and time is short
  • Bringing specific technical expertise in product categories in which your company is not currently doing business
  • Providing complete product development service for companies with no in-house product research personnel
  • Enhancing technical capabilities for companies with limited technical resources on site

Q: How long has Treloar been in business?
A: The company started in 1984 as a contract research and technical service organization supporting food product development and production. 2014 is the 31st year in which we have provided technical help to people in food and consumer product companies!

Q: Can you be more specific about the technical services you provide?
A: We offer a broad range of services to support product development as well as start-up of production or ongoing manufacturing. Here are some examples:

  • Work with your team to articulate project goals and build the project plan
  • Evaluate competitive products and identify performance requirements for your product(s)
  • Design, prepare and evaluate bench scale prototypes
  • Source and evaluate ingredients ensuring optimal use of current ingredients and identifying best candidates for new-to-you ingredients
  • Estimate formula cost
  • Project nutritional profiles and use nutrition data to guide development to ensure specific nutritional targets are met
  • Direct/support scale-up and start of production
  • Solve technical challenges emerging during processing, distribution, consumer experience
  • Help reduce or eliminate the gaps between actual and desired product performance (appearance, flavour, cost, shelf life)
  • Determine compliance with relevant regulations and recommend corrective measures, where needed
  • Provide expert consultation in legal and regulatory matters
  • Lead/support cross-functional project teams

Q: How do we get started with Treloar?
A: Projects usually start with a working meeting to discuss your product development needs and build an action plan. We spend the extra time and ask the right questions. We help you choose the right amount of research that will get you the answers you need. Our customers find that good advice from the very beginning saves them time and money.

Q: How much does it cost to get help from Treloar?
A: The cost for our services is based on hourly rates for professional staff and, when relevant, reimbursing costs for materials, sample purchase, etc. Because each project differs, there is no "average cost" for a project. When we discuss the project with you, we ask enough questions to be able to provide an estimate of the costs.

For some projects, we provide written estimates and work with Purchase Orders. In other situations, we have worked with longer term arrangements, e.g., working a certain number of hours per week or month, with agreed project goals and milestones.

We like to find the most efficient and effective way to work with you that meets your business needs as well as your research requirements.

Q: Where do you work?
A: Project work often includes meetings at client locations (R&D lab, offices, plant), laboratory work (most commonly in client facility, sometimes at Treloar facilities) and plant testing (at client facility or co-packer). In-between, we do a range of on-paper design work, costing, etc., at our office or yours.

For competitive product surveys, we can obtain samples from across Canada, if required.

Q: What kinds of products do you know best?
A: Our approach to project management and product development is applicable across a wide range of products and settings. These are some of the product categories in which we have experience:

  • Products with specific nutritional attributes, e.g., low fat, high fibre, salt-reduced, sugar-free
  • Sauces and salad dressings
  • Dry blend products, e.g., beverages, soups, seasonings
  • Snack foods and baked products
  • Application development for innovative food ingredients

Our goal is to add value to your product research through our practical experience, technical expertise and management know-how.

Q: How else do you help with product research and development?
A: In addition to providing product design and development support, we can also bring "extra hands" to project work when you need it. This might include temporary help in the lab to evaluate prototypes or to make prototype samples for consumer research. We frequently provide on site technical support for plant test or production start-up runs.

We also provide independent assessment of competitive products, including arranging to gather the products and, in some cases, devising quantitative test methods to compare performance.

Expert advice to product developers since 1984!

Why Treloar?

  • Professional
  • Efficient
  • Reliable
  • Confidential
  • Independent